Dr. Werner Lorenz

Dr. Werner Lorenz

Dr. Werner Lorenz is a German Patent Attorney, a European Patent Attorney and a Registered Trademark Agent.

He received a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering from the Technical University of Munich and qualified as a mechanical engineer before entering the profession. He has gained a broad knowledge of intellectual property requirements for industry in working for the patent department of a large German international operating group and being appointed as its Vice-Director.

He completed his doctorate in "Product recycling and legal protection of industrial property in the engineering field".

Before establishing his own firm, Werner Lorenz worked at the German Patent and Trademark Office for one year, in consequence he has established continuing good contacts with examiners at the German Patent and Trademark Office and the European Patent Office. With more than 30 years of experience in handling and prosecuting patent, trademark and design applications and litigation in patent cases, as well as being an active member of the German Patent Attorney Society and of numerous international organizations, inter alia AIPPI, LES, FICPI, GRUR, the American Chamber of Commerce (ACC), the German-Japanese Lawyer Club (DJJV) and the European Consultants Unit in Germany where he is a staff member of the "Conseil D’Honneur", Dr. Werner Lorenz has earned his reputation as an expert in the advancement of German as well as International Patent Law.

Dr. Werner Lorenz is the author of numerous articles and publications in the field of Intellectual Property Law. He is a lecturer in national and international Patent, Trademark and Design Patent Law at the University of Applied Sciences in Aalen and other universities.