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Bianka Weigelt

Commercial lawyer (LL.M.)

Bianka Weigelt studied law at the University of Augsburg as well as commercial law (LL.B.) and law (LL.M.) at the FernUniversität Hagen. In her final thesis, Bianka Weigelt took a deeper look at trademark law; she successfully completed her studies with a bachelor’s thesis entitled “Search Engine Marketing in the Conflicting Areas of Brand Names, Registration Numbers and Competition Law and Regulations.” In her master’s thesis, Bianka Weigelt explored the topic of “Distinctiveness and the Need for Availability in Trademark Law – Requirements for Acronyms and Abbreviations as Reflected in Existing Jurisprudence”.

Bianka Weigelt has been active as a commercial lawyer (LL.B.) with the law firm of LORENZ & KOLLEGEN since 2016, where she provides support in the area of trademarks and with the firm’s juridical duties, especially in proceedings concerning absolute bars to protection, the performance of trademark and trademark searches, trademark disputes, the negotiation of out-of-court agreements, trademark collision monitoring and licensing agreements.