Our Team

LORENZ & KOLLEGEN is a multidisciplinary firm comprising patent attorneys, patent engineers, litigation attorneys and legal specialists supported by a specialist team of more than 20 qualified employees working together to provide advice and representation in the most diverse areas of technology, science and the law.


The partners at Lorenz & Kollegen provide you with impassioned support in implementing your innovations as they assist you in the development of strategies aimed at successful registration, enforcement and defense of your ideas and inventions.

Patent Attorneys / Patent Engineers

We currently offer the services of 6 patent attorneys and one patent engineer, who can provide you with representation in all technical disciplines. Our core strengths lie particularly in the area of mechanical engineering, materials technology, electrical engineering, process engineering, optics, information technology, medical technology, physics, chemistry, biochemistry and pharmaceutics.

Litigation Attorneys / Commercial Lawyers

There are currently two litigation attorneys and two commercial lawyers active at Lorenz & Kollegen. Thus, Lorenz & Kollegen boasts a strong team consisting of 10 patent attorneys, litigation attorneys and legal experts to provide you with comprehensive advice and representation on all issues in the field of industrial property rights.

L&K Team

The highly specialized team at Lorenz & Kollegen includes, inter alia, qualified patent law clerks, paralegals, foreign-language correspondents, a financial accountant and a holder of a Master of Business Administration degree.

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Commercial lawyers

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