Patent Attorney / Patent Engineer

Dr. Matthias Reisser

Patent Engineer


Matthias Reisser studied physics (B. Sc., 2011) at the University of Ulm und biophysics (M.Sc., 2013) at the Technical University of Munich. His master’s thesis was focused on the development of a combination of force and fluorescence spectroscopy for the examination of individual molecules. In connection with the research he performed for his doctorate at the University of Ulm (Dr. rer. nat., 2020), Matthias Reisser studied individual molecule spectroscopy in living and developing biological systems. As a certified agriculturist, he additionally possesses experience in the areas of agricultural engineering, plant production and animal husbandry.

Matthias Reisser has been a patent engineer with the law firm of LORENZ & KOLLEGEN since 2019 and is currently studying to become a patent attorney.